CA404 offers complete peace of mind to our clients.

We offer a range of Science & Technology services for a wide variety of industries.  For additional details on any of our services, please contact us for a no obligation review.

Apps and Software
We develop and distribute apps and software for Android, Windows and Linux.

Delphi and Pascal
With 30+ years experience in Pascal and then Delphi, we provide full software development and training services, with our own custom notes.

As expert trainers in both Public and Private settings, we can offer comprehensive training services in almost any IT subject and on a wide range of third party platforms.  Training is generally held on-site at your location and we offer training across North America, Europe and Japan.

Check out our Toronto Digital Mainstreet listing for more info on our Retail IT offerings.

Contact Us

CA404 is under the personal direction of Paul Gent. You may email Paul at


Books and Publications

Introduction to C++: Lecture Notes
An easy to read introduction to programming in C++ which assumes some basic programming knowledge. Illustrated throughout with code samples and includes suggested tutorial exercises without solutions for review purposes. Based on slides written to deliver Introduction to Programming in C++ / C++ 101.
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C++ Book Cover